What is Fintech? Overview

Fintech is a combination of the words “Finance” and “Technology” over the years we have seen a growing number of new companies that pioneer using technological solutions to enhance financial services and offer more cheaper, faster and efficient services to a digitally minded customer base

The industry has been readily…

Insurtech is the next big thing to happen in the insurance industry
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What is insurTech? Overview

InsurTech can be described as the innovative use of technology in insurance and is a subset of FinTech, or financial technology. Just like FinTech, insurTech has a broad range of applications that need to be looked at individually.

InsurTech companies come into the insurance industry to serve a new market…

Blockchain today is getting more and more mainstream which, to some extent, is a wonderful thing because of the great opportunities it presents to us especially in 3rd world countries like South Africa with a huge population that is unbanked and does not have access to adequate online markets.


What is Blockchain In Simple English

The word blockchain today has become more popular and many people are confused by all the new terms that are associated with this new technology. In this post I will try to answer in simple English what blockchain means and how its blocks are created.

The idea of having a…

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Kgomotso Dibetso is a digital marketing expert with 3 years of experience along with that, he loves writing on new tech technical topics.

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